Garden weeding wire brush head

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Garden weeding wire brush head

Use your brush cutter as another, enormously work-supporting tool for this job.

Part of our extensive cleaning and cleaning brush is a weed brush for shrub trimmers. This weed brush is mounted over the head of the brush cutter. Humans can easily remove weeds from sidewalks or walkways.


  • High quality steel:The universal grass head is made of high quality steel, sharp and efficient, stable and durable.
  • Weeding: This product is suitable for weeding in different places, can not only weeding, but also rust. The effect is very good.
  • Polished objects: oxide removal, cleaning and polishing accessories
  • Simple: Easy to install and operate.
  • Practical: This is the weed shaving head designed specifically for the garden to efficiently remove all unwanted and messy weed in your lawn or garden.



    • Material: steel
    • Size: 6 inches / 8 inches
    • weight:570g(6 Inch)/1020g(8 Inch)


    •  1 x Garden weeding wire brush head


         We recommend wearing protective gloves when using the device.

         The children under 12 years old is prohibited.